Pre-owned boats sale experience
My initial contact was with Dan. When Dan went on vacation, Luke took me the rest of the way through the purchase. I immediately felt comfortable discussing the boat with Dan and then eventually with Luke. Their answers were accurate & professional. There was no pressure or hint of sales jargon. Their personalities were friendly, honest and genuine. From the interactions via phone and in person, I felt like I could trust them for the information being represented about the boat. Dan made it clear that they stand behind what they sell and care about FFM's reputation. When I arrived to see the boat it was evident they represented things honestly. It was everything that was portrayed. Josh and I took it for a spin - Josh was very polite and helpful too. Luke was super helpful on the day I picked up the boat as well. I highly recommend Fort Fremont Marine. I wish I had more money to spend so I could enjoy another experience like this one.
Guy Woloszyn